Lans wGh

Lans wGh d.o.o.

Company LANS wGh Ltd. was founded in 2007 as a family business.
From the very beginning, our company is engaged in monitoring in the areas of hydrology, meteorology, geology, environmental protection and energy efficiency.


LANS wGh is a team of experienced professionals whose knowledge and great effort ensured the survival of a small company in the era of globalization.


We participated and participate in large projects in Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska (BiH), Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria, which are financed by the governments of these countries, the World Bank, EU, World Bank, KfW, EPS.EP RS, ELEM and private investors. Every day we are working on small projects monitoring related to various types of hydrological, meteorological and geological measurements at different locations of great importance to local government organizations or companies.


To keep up with the latest developments in these areas, our team is continuously improving and adopting new knowledge in order to be able to work with various institutes and companies. The trust of our customers, we have earned with successful implementation of  projects entrusted to us.
Some of the most significant projects are certainly: National networks of hydrological and meteorological stations in Montenegro, the network of meteorological radar in Serbia, the system of groundwater monitoring for RB Kolubara, monitoring construction site ADA MALL, monitoring of the construction site Belgrade Waterfront, measurement network inclinometers on the route of the South Stream pipeline , a network of hydrological, meteorological and water quality monitoring for HE Trebisnjica and HE Vrbas, monitoring landslides on Corridor 10, monitoring of landslides in the open pit Majdanpek, monitoring of groundwater levels at the site of Freedom Bridge in Novi Sad, the network of hydrological and meteorological stations in the basin Drina for hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro, Serbia and Republic of Srpska, maintenance of the monitor dams owned by the Electric power Industry of Macedonia (ELEM), the establishment of energy-efficient system of energy use in buildings located in 3 municipalities of city of Trebinje and many others.